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Welcome to World Monologue Games

Thousands of performers from scores of countries participate in this epic acting competition and virtual showcase.

The best performers will be livestreamed in our Regional and Global Finals.

Welcome to
World Monologue Games

Thousands of performers from scores of countries participate in this epic acting competition and virtual showcase.

The best performers will be livestreamed in our Regional and Global Finals.

Check out the best of the best from the 2021 Main Professional category
World Monologue Games is a global acting competition and virtual showcase, allowing professional and budding actors from anywhere in the world to participate from their homes.

Our key aim is to provide access to any actor in the world who'd like to participate and to provide great entertainment for our viewers.


* If you are a school, agent or event and would like your performers to represent you at World Monologue Games, please contact us via email.
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When is WMG?

WMG is split into three phases: Qualifiers, Regional Finals and Global Finals.

Check out our timeline for key dates.

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Who will judge the event?

WMG works with experienced industry professionals from around the world: agents, teachers, heads of schools, theatre and film experts, industry leaders, accomplished creatives etc.

We have a strong panel of judges but always welcome new blood – sign up below.

Register as a JUDGE
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I want to watch/sponsor the event!

Fantastic. Our livestream videos will be posted here and links to our shows will be sent to our mailing list. If you're interested in becoming a sponsor, we can send you a Sponsorship Pack and would welcome a conversation. Reach out to info@artsbusinessacademy.com and we can talk.

Register as a FAN / SPONSOR


I've registered already. How do I submit?

Submissions are open for 2022!

You can register at any time. You will receive an email with a link to become a free Member, which gives you 1x free entry into the Games!
I've registered but haven't heard from you. What's going on?

Some mail providers hate us. Check your spam/junk folders. If you haven't received anything, please add our main email address to your whitelist / safe sender list:
Who can participate?

Anyone anywhere in the world.

I want to participate. How does it work?

Actors can register at any time. Submissions are accepted from around May to June.

During the Qualifiers, participants post their videos online and submit their entry via our site. Our judges pick the best performances in each category in each country to perform in our Regional Livestreams, with the best of the best heading to our Global Finals.

All registered actors will be sent information on how to participate.

What are the categories?

World Monologue Games has categories based on monologue duration, pro/amateur status and age. The main categories are:

  • Main Professional: 1-2.5 mins
  • Main Amateur: 1-2.5 mins
  • Endurance: 5-10 mins (18+ only)
  • Sprint: 45 - 60 secs
  • Youth: (12-17): 1-2.5 mins
  • Tiger: (up to 11)*: 1-2.5 mins

* Parental permission required for Youth and Tiger categories.

What are the prizes?

WMG is proud to be able to offer prizes to our winners. We are still in conversations for sponsors for 2022 at this stage so more details will be announced here at a later point.

A massive shoutout to Nyaka Chana and Arts Business Academy, who donated almost $5,000 in 2021.

Do we have to perform in English?

No. You can perform in any language you like. In 2020, three of the six category winners didn't perform in English!

Do I need to represent the country I live in or the country I came from?

Up to you. You can choose whichever country you would like to represent. But you can't pick more than one country.
When you submit your video, you can update your country.

Can I submit an existing video?

No, it needs to be a new recording dated 1st May 2022 or later. This competition is about the work you create for the competition, not something you filmed in the past.

When are submissions due?

While this is subject to change at this moment, we are looking at this schedule:

  • Open for submissions in May 
  • Deadline will be in June

See our timeline for more details.

What level of quality should our videos be?

Do the best you can.

At a minimum, we need to be able to see and hear you clearly. While we won't be judging you based on the video quality, poor footage certainly won't help.

How can I contact you for any other enquiries?

Email our Founder Pete Malicki via email here.

I'm turning 12/18 this year. Should I enter Tigers/Youth/adult categories?

If you are under 12 on 11 July 2022, you must enter the Tigers category.
If you are aged 12-17 on 12 July 2022, you must enter the Youth category.

If you are under 18 on 11 July 2022, you must enter the Youth category.
If you are 18 or over on 12 July 2022, you must enter the adult categories.
What monologue can I perform?

Anything you want. You can write it or find it - up to you.

Note that you must get the author's permission before you submit, unless the work is out of copyright. If you want to use a monologue from a play, TV show, movie etc., you will have to contact the writer for permission – looking up their website or social media will often work. If you can't get permission, you unfortunately will need to find another piece.

Our website has lots of monologues (short and long) you're welcome to use, and we have new material coming out all the time.

Only one restriction on content: no monologues about Coronavirus (explicit or implied). Let's make World Monologue Games an enjoyable distraction from the horrible situation most of the world is (still) suffering from.

Have more questions?
There's much more info on how to participate in World Monologue Games on the Member site. Register above to receive an invite to sign up as a free WMG Member.

Register here as a Judge, Fan or Sponsor



Thanks to our generous sponsors Arts Business Academy for donating prizes to the event. Click on the ABA logo to find out more.

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